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Stopping secret agencies and data thieves.

Protect your
over the Internet.

As simple as email. As secure as Fort Knox.

Only you decide on who reads your messages.

Right to private communication

Whether you communicate with your lawyer, your physician or important business partners: intimate and confidential messages must not fall into the wrong hands. However, traditional email communication is not secure: secret agencies, hackers and even providers of email services themselves collect and analyze digital messages on a large scale and breach the right to privacy of millions of people. is a novel service for securely sending messages over the Internet. In contrast to common email services, it protects your confidential messages through state-of-the-art technology and preserves the crucial civil right of correspondence privacy also in the digital age.

Protecting private messages

Patented security. User-friendly. Made in Europa.

Secure encryption.
Guaranteed. Patented.

State-of-the-art technology. combines cryptographic methods verified by security experts, in an innovative way to eliminate former security flaws and thus to comprehensively protect your messages. Our patented approach ensures the anonymity of both sender and recipient, detects manipulations by third parties and affords complete end-to-end encryption of the message content. Learn more about the technological foundation of

Convenient use. Existing security tools are mainly difficult to use and applicable only by experts. hides the technological complexity: its elegant Web user interface resembles common email clients and thus makes its application a snap. Learn more about using

Focus on usability

Privacy made in Europe

Made in Europe by world top class professionals. is developed by experienced security specialists and internationally renowned IT experts from Austria. The system is also operated in Austria, thus assured by Austrian law and protected against access by governmental authorities – in contrast to cloud services located in the US. Learn more about RISE.

Complete security. Tailored to your needs.


On request
  • The proven technology of can be integrated into your mission-critical applications to increase their security. Please contact us.
On request
  • We customize our secure communication platform with any additional features to your special needs, operated in our or your datacenter with full technical support. Please contact us.

Further secure communication solutions (coming soon): Secure VoIP

Use Internet telephony also for critical conversations – recording or tapping impossible.

  • Secure alternative to traditional telephony
  • Complete end-to-end encryption
  • Top usability
  • Full anonymity for sender and receiver Mobile

Send secure messages even more conveniently from your smartphone.

  • Approved security standards of
  • User interface optimized for mobile devices
  • Highly performant native apps for your mobile platform Secure SMS

Also protect your mobile text messages and make them tap-proof.

  • Prevents spying out by third parties (e.g. network operator)
  • Secure verification of the communication partner
  • Platform-independent solution for various operating systems and devices Fileshare

Do not use insecure cloud storages for sharing your business documents but approved technology.

  • Easy upload and download of any files
  • Encrypted transmission
  • Protected even in case of confiscation by third parties

The knowledge of leading security and IT experts.

We guarantee the security of your data.

member photo Austrian Legal System

In contrast to other countries, Austria supports systems like and assures their existence. Austria and Europe will protect the civil right of correspondence privacy and thus the motivation of this platform permanently.

member photo Intelligence service experts

Former high-level executives in intelligence services of military and police, with a strong interest in preserving the privacy of communication in the Internet. The professional network of these insiders ensures the verification of integrity of

member photo Univ.Prof. Dipl.Ing. Dr. Thomas Grechenig

Co-initator of Internationally recognized IT expert for very large systems and general government infrastructure. Among other things, builder of the e-card system in Austria and technical head of one of Europe’s largest IT systems.

member photo Univ.Lect. Dipl.Ing. Dr. Franz Schönbauer

Chief architect of For more than 25 years builder of large IT systems with highest security requirements such as banking and healthcare systems.

Furthermore, successful deployments for companies and governments with demand prove the functionality and robustness of our technology. Do you have questions concerning Please contact us either by using the feedback function on or - through the insecure channel – via email: